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Boards & Committees


Do you want to play a role in Hanover’s future? Citizens and community members can get involved in civic life through various boards and committees appointed by Hanover Council. Hanover’s citizen committees provide advice and feedback to Council on a variety of issues, including planning, various public services, community development and regional initiatives.

Should you wish more information or to request the opportunity to serve on a Board or Committee, please contact the Clerk's Department. The Boards & Committees of Council for the term December 1, 2014 to November 30, 2018 are listed below.

Terms of Reference for the various Boards and Committees can be found in the Documents Library.

Age - Friendly Advisory Committee | Minutes

 Name Phone Number Email
Ed King (Council Appointee) 519.364.4690 
Dorothy Adams 
Tim Duivesteyn 
Norma Graham 
Sandra Hong 
Jack Lisenchuk 
Ed Peppler 
Theresa Seim 
Anne Marie Shaw 
Linda Thompson 

Board of Management for the Downtown Improvement Area | Minutes

 Name Phone Number Email
Hazel Pratt-Paige (Council Appointee) 519.363.3167
Jennifer Heerema 519.506.4256 (B)  
Judy Hribar 519.364.4456 (B)  
J. D. Lyons 519.364.4000 (B)  
Bonnie Shewfelt    
Peggy Sickel 519.364.1819 (B)  
Julie Whitehead 519.364.3132 (B)  

Cemetery Board | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Steve Fitzsimmons (Council Appointee) 519.364.0134
Joseph Foster 519.364.5842
Leonard Karl 519.364.1083
Gary Rahn  519.364.1610
Linda Vallie 519.364.2845

Committee of Adjustment | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Rick Hopkins (Council Appointee) 519.364.4496
Mark Ebert 519.364.5466
Larry Lantz 519.364.1010
Patrick Murphy 519.364.2268
Gary Rahn 519.364.1610

Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) - Minutes

 Name Phone Number Email
Hazel Pratt-Paige (Council Appointee)  519.363.3167
Alison Greenaway-Coates 
J.D. Lyons 519.364.4000 (B) 
Sue Tipper 519.506.8588 (B)  
Shawn Widmeyer  

Economic Development Committee | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Selwyn Hicks (Council Appointee) 519.364.1248
Dave Eccles  519.364.0080
David Ford 519.364.4219
Bev Morgan 
Mike Schierz 519.369.4291
David Schefter 
Curtis Schmalz 
Peggy Sickel 519.364.1819
Dave Hocking 519.364.7370 

Election Compliance Audit Committee

NamePhone NumberEmail
Dave Eccles 519.364.3540
Michele Hettrick 
Adam Ward

Hanover/Walkerton Waste Management Committee | Minutes

Name Phone Number Email
Peter Hambly (Council Appointee) 519.364.5058
Rick Plantt 519.364.3609

Heritage Advisory Committee | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Rick Hopkins (Council Appointee) 519.364.4496
Ted Blackburn 519.364.5077
Kathleen Horan 519.506.4438
Stuart Lamont 519.364.1908
Al Morrow 519.364.4810
Jim Rahn 519.901.2405
George Rahn 519.364.3224
Joe Schlatman 519.364.2019

Parks, Recreation & Culture Advisory Committee | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Rick Hopkins (Council Appointee) 519.364.4496
Hazel Pratt-Paige (Council Appointee) 519.364.4496
Tony Diaco 226.909.0503
Harold Fleet 519.364.4317
Mike Schierz 519.364.4291

Planning Advisory Committee | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Peter Hambly (Council Appointee) 519.364.5058
Don Butland 519.364.4946
Warren Dickert 519.364.6834
Harold Fleet 519.364.4317
John Grant 519.364.5504 
Kathi Maskell 519.364.4379
Tim Norwood 519.364.5346

Police Services Board | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
Rick Hopkins (Council Appointee)
Sue Paterson (Council Appointee) 519.364.2780 x 230
Donald Smith 519.364.4100

 Public Library Board | Minutes

NamePhone Number
Steve Fitzsimmons (Council Appointee) 519.364.0134
Brenda Booth 519.364.7943
Edwin Haas  
Debera Flynn 519.364.1484
Francis-Joseph H. Gross  
Jennifer Hillier 519.364.0582
Terry Leis 519.364.7914
Jeanne Lisenchuk 519.364.4695
Susan Sakal 519.364.4487

 LaunchPad Board of Directors | Minutes

NamePhone NumberEmail
 Selwyn Hicks (Council Appointee) 519.364.1248
 Rose Austin    
 Dave Barrett    
 Beth Fischer    
 Kathi Maskell    
 Adam Olivero    
 Savanna Schaus