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Downtown Revitalization


Downtown Parking Sign

The Town of Hanover is working on a Downtown Revitalization plan identified as one of the action items in the Town’s Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan was adopted by Council in September of 2010 and highlighted four strategic directions. Each had associated goals to be pursued by 2015. The third direction identified was specific to the Downtown; “to work with the Downtown Improvement Association and the Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the downtown as both the social and economic centre of the community.”

The Downtown Revitalization Committee, comprised of residents and downtown business owners, was appointed in the fall of 2011 and given the task to guide the revitalization planning process on behalf of Hanover Council. The process included contracting planning expertise specific to small town redevelopment. The Planning Partnership of Toronto was contracted and the Committee is excited to have a firm with such a depth of experience working with rural Ontario downtown revitalization projects. The team of consultants includes; land use planner, landscape architect, transportation and traffic consultant, and marketing strategy consultant. The Planning Partnership is very enthusiastic about the opportunity of working with the entire community to develop a vision and revitalization framework.

Today, the Downtown Revitalization Implementation Committee (DTRIC) works to implement the recommendation of the Downtown Community Improvement Plan.

  • DTRIC Members
    Alison Greenaway-Coates, JD Lyons, Shawn Widmeyer, Sue Tipper and Hazel Pratt-Paige (Council Representative). Staff members include Don Tedford, Brian Tocheri.

What's New?

The Town of Hanover received a $15,000 Rural Economic Development Grant from Minister Leal and the Government of Ontario. This grant will allow DTRIC to complete a fully developed Streetscape Plan, including style guide, renderings and construction drawings. We extend our sincere appreciation to Minister Leal and the Government of Ontario for investing in this important project.

DTRIC held two public consultations, and focus groups regarding the long-term redevelopment of Downtown in terms of Streetscape. Stempski Kelly Associates was hired to facilitate the sessions and produce a summer report and recommendations.

An RFP process is underway to continue work towards a Streetscape Plan.

Community Consultation Workshop Sessions Final Report

Key Initiaitves

  • Facade Incentive Program
  • Streetscape Summer
  • BBQ Series
  • Downtown Parkette
  • Free Parking Signage
  • D-Blast