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No School... No Problem! Check out our Day Camp programs!

The Town of Hanover is committed to providing safe and quality programs while your child enjoys a day away from school. Participants will have the opportunity to swim, skate, and participate in a variety of themed, interactive games and crafts. Pre-registration is required. Do so early to avoid disappointment! Children will be grouped into appropriate age levels. Must meet minimum and not exceed maximum age restrictions by the day of the program.

Registration begins:

Where  P & H Centre | Lions Den & Lounge
Time 9:00am to 4:00pm 
Supervised drop off 8:00am to 9:00am 
Supervised pick up 4:00pm to 5:15pm 
Cost  $41.00 per child
(3rd child or more is 1/2 price on same day(s) same household)
Ages  4 - 7 years | 8 - 10 years 

PA Day Camp

Friday, November 23 | Wacky World of Dr. Seuss | 4 - 7 yrs (Code: 6459) | 8 - 10 yrs (Code: 6460)
The wacky world of Dr. Seuss is coming alive at Kamp K! If you dream of Green Eggs and Ham, then come meet Sam I Am. Join Horton, Cat in the Hat, the Grinch and many more as we do Seuss crafts, projects and cooking adventures. Swimming and skating (optional) will add to the excitement.

Friday, February 1 | Snowflake Fun | 4 - 7 yrs (Code: 6504) | 8 10 yrs (Code: 6505) 
This day off from school is full of winter fun! A dip in the pool, skating (optional), snowman making, tobagganing (weather permitting) and some snowball target practice. Warm up with hot chocolate and witner crafts. It's sure to be a snow-rific day! 


Christmas Break Camps

Wednesday, January 2 | Operation Pixar | 4 - 7 yrs (Code: 6453) | 8 - 10 yrs (Code: 6456)
Make your way to 42 Wallaby Way as campers explore the best of Pixar including: Finding Nemo, Toy Story, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. We’re not clown fishing around…Bake Squirt Turtle cakes and take part in our “scarer of the day” photo contest. Campers will be encouraged to “just keep swimming!” and use their super power speed around the ice (skating optional).

Thursday, January 3 | Shipwrecked | 4 - 7 yrs (Code: 6454) | 8 - 10 yrs (Code: 6457)
Get your snorkel ready as we dice into the deep blue sea. Put on your shades and escape the snowy weather with beach themed games and activities. Swimming and skating (optinal) will be a great way to round out the day.

Friday, January 4 | Blizzards of Fun | 4 - 7 yrs (Code: 6455) | 8 - 10 yrs (Code: 6458)
Come ready to eat pancakes with Frosty before we start our day. Pack your snow pants and warmest mittens for our snowy adventure! Get ready for snow angels, tobogganing, snowman building and snow painting. Skating (optional) and a polar dip in the pool will add to our snowy fun!

2018 Summer Camps!

1. Camper Pick Up and Drop Off
Campers 9 years and under MUST have adult supervision at all times during morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Please ensure that regular escorts and emergency contacts are recorded with your registration. Only those adults listed will be permitted to pick up your child(ren). Please notify us of any change in your child’s pick up routine by calling 519.364.2310 x 2134. This is our safe arrival hotline. Children are NOT allowed to leave early without written consent from a parent or guardian.

2. Lunch and Snacks
Due to the number of life-threatening allergies that children in camps have to peanuts/nuts, our summer camps have become a “nut aware” environment. We therefore request all parents to avoid sending peanut or nut products to camp.

3. Payment Plan
If registering for 2 or more weeks, a Visa/Mastercard payment plan may be utilized. Credit card payment for the first week registering must be processed on the date of registration. Subsequent payments will be processed on your credit card the week prior to the program start date. Payment Plans are not available for the Specialty Camps. (i.e. if registered for camp July 23-27, the payment will be processed July 16).

Qualified Staff
All Town of Hanover Camp Staff are trained in: Principles of Healthy Child Development, First Aid and CPR Certifications, creative program design to ensure safe, diverse, unique, and age-appropriate programming, positive management techniques, treating all campers with respect, dignity, and honesty.

P & H Centre • 9:00am to 4:00pm (supervised drop-off from 8:00am to 9:00am and supervised pickup from 4:00pm to 5:15pm) 
Mini Me’s – 4 & 5 years • Crazy Critters – 6 & 7 years • Super Troops – 8 & 9 years

Week 1

Harvest Hoedown

July 3 to
July 6
$116.16 Yeehaw! Grab your hat and boots and get ready for a week full of western wackiness! We’re talking line
dancing, wanted posters, cactus crafts, horseshoes and so much more! Let’s start off the summer with
a rockin’ rodeo with new camp games and of course the ol’ time favourites too! 
NOTE: There will be no camp on Monday, July 2.

Week 2

Extreme Machine

July 9 to
July 13
($25 trip fee
has been included)
Are you brave enough to handle this week’s adventures? Join us for Kamp K’s first ever Fear Factor!
This week also includes challenges and games that test your agility, brains, creativity and enthusiasm!
Kamper’s will be visiting the Plunge in Collingwood to round off this extreme week. Will you take the plunge?  

Week 3

Around the World
in 5 Days


July 16 to
July 20

Pack your suitcase because Kamp K is traveling around the world!
We will be visiting different countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, South America and Africa,
bringing new snacks, games and crafts back to Kamp K for a world of fun! 

Week 4


July 23 to
July 27
($20 trip fee has
been included)

Eureka! Bring your brains and imagination to Kamp K where the sky is the limit. We will be transforming Kamp
into your personal laboratory for the week! We will be conducting our own science experiments, inventions and
getting messy! Concluding our week will be a super gross and super slimy food fight! And don’t forget your hiking
boots because we will also be heading to Harrison Park in Owen Sound for some fun.

Week 5



July 30 to
August 2
($30 trip fee has
been included) 

Grab your sun screen and bathing suit as Kamp K gets wet and wild! This week will include favourite water
games such as drip, drip, drop, relay races as well as our Annual Water Fight and slip n’ slide! And who could
forget our trip to Bingeman’s Big Splash Waterpark in Kitchener to tackle some waterslides and cool off in the splash pad!
NOTE: There will be no camp on Friday August 3.

Week 6

Turn Back
the Clock

August 7 to
August 10
$116.16 Say goodbye to 2018 because Kamp K is travelling back in time! We will be visiting different time periods such
as Ancient Greece and the first Olympics, Ancient Rome for some chariot racing, and who can forget the 60’s and
80’s?!  Come prepared to disco, explore and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Week 7

The Magical
World of Kamp

August 13 to
August 17
($27 trip fee has
been included)
You don’t have to travel to a land far away to find magic this week! Join us for magical adventures that include
our favourite fairy tale characters and nursery rhymes. Come prepared to have your mind blown as we also incorporate
magic tricks and Kamp K’s first annual Leader Magic Show. Get ready to experience a real life fairy tale with a trip to Storybook Park to conclude our magical week! 

Week 8

Goin’ on a Lion Hunt

August 20 to
August 24
($25 trip fee has
been included)
Our final week of camp is roarin’ with fun! We will be heading into the jungle and meeting many animal friends
during our camp wide scavenger hunt! A trip to the Bervie Zoo and splash pad in Kincardine will add to the adventure!
And don’t forget about our year end show on Friday to showcase all our wonderful talents, pictures and memories from the whole summer!


P & H Centre • 9:00am to 4:00pm (supervised drop-off from 8:00am to 9:00am and supervised pickup from 4:00pm to 5:15pm)  Ages 10-12 years

Week 1

Krazy Kreations

July 3 to
July 6
$116.16 Kamp K becomes your personal canvas as we work on various art projects throughout the week. We will be painting, sculpting,
printing and using random household objects to construct your portfolio! At the end of the week we will have our Kamp K Art
Show where you can showcase your beautiful masterpieces to our guests! NOTE: There will be no camp on Monday, July 2.

Week 2

Push it to the Limit

July 9 to
July 13
($25 trip fee has
been included)
Paint, sculpt, print, draw… then attack the world with your art! Use a variety of mediums to create fantastic art projects all week
long! Start the week off with a mosaic masterpiece, and end off with exploding paint pictures. A trip to The Plunge in Collingwood
will add to this week’s fun! 

Week 3

Bon Appetit

July 23 to July 27 $165.20
($20 trip fee has
been included)
Bring your knife and fork as we challenge your taste buds! This week will start off by making your own apron and creating various
recipes to use for every meal of the day! We will be splitting off into teams for our Annual Cook Off to determine the ultimate
master chef! We will be taking a break from the kitchen for our trip to Harrison Park in Owen Sound later in the week. 

Week 4

High Tides & Water Slides

July 30 to August 2 $146.16
($30 trip fee has been included)
We’re slippin’ and slidin’ into week 5 here at Kamp K! We will be having lots of water fun such as water balloons, double pool time
and of course a super soaker battle! And who could forget our trip to Bingeman’s Big Splash Waterpark in Kitchener to tackle some waterslides and cool off in the splash pad! Make sure you bring an extra towel this week.  NOTE: There will be no camp on Friday August 3. 

Week 5

Kamp K’s Got Talent

August 20 to
August 24
($25 trip fee has been included)
What’s your talent? Can you sing, dance, do magic, create movies, or act? This week you’ll have the chance to shine as you get to
work on a performance of your choice. We will also be visiting the Bervie Zoo and splash pad in Kincardine. Friday afternoon we will
be hosting a show where you can showcase your talents to make our last day of camp memorable. Come prepared to shine
throughout your final week of camp! 

Extended Supervision Option
Registrants will be accompanied to the program location by Department staff and/or transported by taxi. Pre-registration is required for extended care. Only available for specified camps.

Where     P & H Centre
Time       8:00am to 9:00am and/or 4:00pm to 5:15pm
Cost        $20/child/week for before OR after care
                 $35/child/week for before AND after care

TSN (The Sports Nut)
with Jason Howes
A “sportactular” week of activity for participants. Each day is jammed packed
with sports, sports and more sports. Daily instruction and activities in basketball,
soccer, floor hockey and flag football will be offered. Please note that participants
are divided into specific age groups.

Date            Tuesday to Friday, July 3 to July 6
Where        John Diefenbaker Secondary School
Time           9:00am to 3:45pm (extended care available)
Ages           9 to 14 years
Code           6358
Cost           $116.16

Dance Camp with Grey Bruce School of Dance
An exciting partnership with Grey Bruce School of Dance to add another creative camp
option for children and youth! Participants will discover a new dance form each day
including jazz, ballet and hip-hop. Daily crafts, activities and daily swim are also included!
There will be a performance at the end of the week. No previous dance experience is necessary.

Date             Tuesday to Friday, July 3 to July 6
Where         Civic Centre | Community Hall
Time            9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages            7 to 12 years
Code            6336
Cost             $116.16


“Full Swing” Golf Camp with Doug, Andrew & Darrell Day
Instructional activities will focus on proper gripping of the club, rules of the
game, golf etiquette, putting, chipping, and driving the ball. There will be
lots of opportunity to practice plus on-course lessons Wednesday and Friday.
Participants are required to supply their own golf clubs. The golf course does
have a limited supply available for use. All participants will receive a coupon
for a ‘free child’s Green Fee’ valid Monday to Friday.

Date            Monday to Friday, July 9 to July 13
Where        Whispering Hills Golf Club
Time            9:00am to 1:00pm
Ages            8 to 13 years
Code            6331
Cost            $94.63 


Swords & Stage Drama Camp with To Be Determined Theatre Co.
A camp that melds swords, stage combat and theatre fun? Almost too good to be true! Each
day includes both theatre & stage combat/sword fighting training. During the dramatic part
of the day campers have fun with theatre activities, games and acting technique. In the
stage combat section of the day campers learn sword fighting & stage combat technique.
Building skills and character development each day campers use all these new skills to
choreograph a stage combat scene of their own. These scenes are showcased for friends
& family on the afternoon of the last day of camp!

Date            Monday to Friday, July 9 to July 13
Where        Civic Centre | Community Hall
Time            9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages            7 to 12 years
Code            6333
Cost            $154.00


Cheerleading Camp with Courtney Hicks
Cheerleading camp will teach you about flexibility, balance, stunting, dancing,
jumping, build teamwork and all the other attributes needed to be a cheerleader.
There will also be crafts, games, and time at the pool each day. At the end of
the week there will be a show for all parents and friends. There is no experience

Date          Monday to Friday, July 30 to August 3
Where      Hanover Family Centre
Time          9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages          7 to 12 years
Code          6334
Cost          $145.20


Water Polo Camp with Sean Bryant
A “hands on” opportunity to learn what this sport is all about. Focusing on Water Polo
fundamentals, candidates will experience a mixture of dryland and water conditioning
drills, and skills including team strategies of the game. Design a team shirt and join us
for this action packed 4 day camp!

Date           Tuesday to Friday, August 7 to August 10
Where       P & H Centre | Pool & Lounge
Time           9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages           8 to 15 years
Code           6335
Cost            $127.98


Home Alone with Christina Schnell
An action packed program that upon successful completion, participants will
receive their St. John Ambulance babysitting certificate. Participants will learn
how to handle various situations through role play, prepare nutritional snacks,
swim daily and make a babysitting kit complete with first aid necessities and
activity ideas.

Date           Thursday to Friday, August 9 to August 10
Where       P & H Centre | Lounge
Time          9:00am to 4:00pm
Ages          10 years and up
Code          6338
Cost          $79.90

 Art Camp with Susan Seitz
Laughter and FUN filled JoY is expressed throughout the day when children are given the
opportunity to be CrEaTiVe! Expressive ArTs & theatre will be the platform of discovery.
Using professional paint supplies and tools, your young artist will experience a combination
of: acrylic painting, watercolours, art journals, storytelling, sketching, dance, theatre and so
much more! Children will be engaged in all ways to express their inner JoY!

Date           Monday to Friday, August 13 to August 17
Where       P & H Centre | Lounge
Time           9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages           7 to 14 years
Code           6332
Cost           $152.28

Enfant Soleil
A summer recreation camp experience utilizing French language skills. This
program is in cooperation with the Hanover Canadian Parents for French
Chapter. This week will be jam-packed with fun including games, songs, crafts,
cooking, story time, swimming, outings and much more! A great opportunity for
French Immersion students to practice their French skills.

Date           Monday to Friday, August 13 to August 17
Where       P & H Centre | Lion’s Den
Time          9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages          5 to 10 years
Code          6337
Cost           $145.20 for CPF Members
                   $170.20 for non CPF Members

Sport Fundamentals Camp with Christina Schnell
This camp takes the Hanover Regional Lifesaving Club to a whole new level. This week
participants will work on their water and dryland skills that promotes fitness. With a
large variety of exceptional fun wet and dry activities. Kids will set goals, have fun
doing training games, relay races, obstacle swims and experiment with rescues. We
end the week with a fun competition of all the skills learned.
NOTE: Must be able to swim two lengths of the pool.

Date          Monday to Friday, August 20 to August 24
Where      P & H Centre | Lounge & Pool
Time          9:00am to 4:00pm (extended care available)
Ages          8 to 15 years
Code          6357
Cost          $159.80

Wild Encounters with Nancy Griffin
A week of outdoor fun! Content includes “Predators”, “Hoofin’ It”, “Lost in the
Woods”, “Water Works”, and “Open Fire Cooking”. There will also be camp crafts,
the ultimate survival games, outdoor cooking and much more! You will get up
close and personal with different kinds of animals, fish and bugs, as well as use
binoculars, compasses, and maps! If you’re nuts about nature, this is the
program for you!

Date          Monday to Friday, August 20 to August 24
Where      Sulphur Springs Park
Time          9:00am to 4:00pm
Ages          8 to 12 years
Code          6359
Cost          $159.80