Is YOUR business ready for the FUTURE?


Developing a succession plan for your business take years – not months – and it’s important that business owners protect their investment and their future by having a plan in place.

Saugeen Connects is providing everyone in our community FREE access to the #SMCPWebinarSeries which provides essential succession planning and business transition information. Saugeen Connects is a collaboration between the Saugeen Economic Development Corporation and 5 municipalities; Brockton, Hanover, Minto, Wellington North and West Grey who have banded together in a partnership with a mission to collaborate and positively impact area economic growth, support youth retention and development, support growth and retention of businesses; and to integrate efforts to leverage immigrant attraction to the area as residents, workers, entrepreneurs, business owners, operators and investors. Learn more at

The SMCP Webinar Series is an annual series of 10-15 live, online presentations that focus on essential business transition topics. Each webinar is about 30 mins in length, includes a question and answer period at the end, and can be accessed privately from your home or office. Registered participants may join any of the webinars as they happen live, and recordings are available for viewing afterward for a set period of time. 

​How can I register?

Registration is fast and simple. Click here to get started. You will be taken to a sign up form on After completing the registration form, a SuccessionMatching staff member will confirm that you are in the sponsored area and you will be provided with a free membership to access the webinars. Want more information? Send them a message to get in touch with their friendly staff who can assist you! 

2018 Webinar Schedule

​Writing a Succession Plan - October 3 @1:00pmET
Knowing what your succession plan needs is the first step to beginning one. Having a solid plan in place is necessary, and this webinar helps you start that planning process.

Family Transitions - October 15 @ 1:00pmET
Family transitions can be complicated because family can be complicated. Knowing some of the pain points in a family transition can help you move forward smoothly.

Co-op Conversion - October 17 @ 1:00pmET
Have you ever considered a co-op conversion as part of your transition plan? Our webinar will help you decide if it's the right choice for you and how to begin that process.

Third Party Sales - October 19 @ 2:00pmET
Selling to a third party can be complicated if you don't know what to expect. This webinar helps you determine if this is the right option for you and what you can expect in the process.

Human Resources - October 23 @ 1:00pmET
Human resources are often overlooked in the transition process - don’t get caught unprepared! Our webinar helps you conduct the transition without overlooking the people involved.

Coaching for Personal and Business Transitions - October 25 @ 2:00pm ET
Knowing yourself and your business is important throughout the transition process. Tune in and ensure you are personally and professionally ready to facilitate your business transition.

Mentorship - October 29 @ 1:00pm ET
Mentoring can increase the value of your business and the chance it will succeed after you pass it on. This webinar helps you learn why it's so valuable and how you can be a great mentor.

Marketing - November 1 @ 2:00pmET
Finding a way to market your business is paramount in both day-to-day operations and throughout the business transition. Tune in for ways to improve your marketing plan.

Chartered Business Valuation - November 2 (recording release)
The true value of your business includes a large number of factors, and getting a chartered business valuation will help you get the top dollar for your business. This webinar will help you learn what to expect throughout this process.

Tax Planning -    November 13 @ 1:00pmET
Tax planning is necessary for your business. This webinar will give you an update on the current and most recent changes in Ontario.

Farm Valuation - November 15 @ 2:00pmET
A farm valuation is similar to a business valuation, but there are other components that need to be considered. Want to get top dollar in your farm transition? This webinar will help you understand what to expect and how to get this service.

Legal Considerations for Selling to an Immigrant - November 19 @ 1:00pmET
Selling to an immigrant is different than any other sale, but it can also have significant benefits. If you’re considering selling your business to an immigrant, this webinar provides important tips and lets you know what to anticipate throughout the process.

Financial Planning for Retirement - November 21 @ 2:00pmET
Preparing for retirement can feel daunting and impossible. This webinar will give you some tips on preparing for retirement and how to make the most of your finances.

Finding Financing for a Farm - November 23 @ 1:00pmET
Have you considered buying a farm? If so, this webinar will give you details on where and how to get financing.

Business Financing - November 27 @ 1:00pmET
Have you considered buying a business?This webinar offers information on where you can get financing and what to expect throughout the process.
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