Parks, Recreation & Culture


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Our Mission 
Working in partnership with the community, we create opportunities for leisure activities, facilitate sustainable quality facilities, and support healthy lifestyles for all ages and abilities. We are a centre of excellence for our facilities and programs.

Our Vision
We are a community that provides an inclusive and sustainable system of experiences that celebrates the Town's heritage, culture and natural landscape while promoting a healthy active lifestyle.  

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2018 - Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan - click here to go to the Master Plan page   

Hanover Parks, Recreation & Culture Department manages, operates, maintains and oversees the following functions:

Parks and Outdoor Spaces.....85 acres of green space | 5 ball diamonds | 5 soccer pitches | Hanover Park | Heritage Square | Commemorative Grove | various neighbourhood playgrounds | Hanover Trails System | Skateboard Park | and more.

Programs and Special Events.....aquatics | children’s programs | summer camps | adult programs | senior games | seniors programs | Canada Day celebrations | public skating.

Culture Services.....liaise with user groups.

Town owned and operated Facilities.....P & H Centre | Regional Aquatic Centre | Picnic Pavilions.

Facility Bookings.....meeting rooms | ice | theatre | multi-purpose spaces | athletic fields | pool.

Community Development.....Community initiative facilitation | establishment of new corporate developments | liaison with a variety of community organizations.

Council and Corporate Directives.....Strategic Plan recommendations implementation | Culture Plan support.

Administration.....Operations and Capital budget development and monitoring | long term planning | policy development.

Committee Support and Initiatives.....Parks | Recreation and Culture Advisory | Hanover Heritage | Age-Friendly.