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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all yard/garage sales within the Town of Hanover will not be permitted until further notice.

Yard sales are an excellent way to minimize waste and maximize the reuse and recycling of household items in addition to putting some extra money in your pocket. There are however bylaws that regulate yard sales.

Effective May 1, 2016, all yard sales shall be registered with the Town of Hanover. Residents having a yard sale can download the registration form and submit either in person at the Municipal Office, by mail to the Municipal Office, or by email to civic@hanover.ca, at least one week in advance of having a yard sale. Residents will benefit from free advertising of their yard sale via the Town of Hanover website.

Sales are permitted a maximum three (3) times per year at any one (1) location and for no longer than two (2) consecutive days.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Download Yard Sale Application Form - Please note you need to save the form on your electronic device prior to submitting.

Upcoming Yard Sales

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Yard Sales FAQ

We’ve been watching and collecting your questions, comments and complaints about the recent announcement of residential yard sale registration requirements. Please find our responses below.

Is there a charge to register?

Will there be a charge to register in the future?

Then why is registration required?
By-laws are usually complaint driven. Registration has been introduced because there have been many complaints from neighbours about long-term yard sales. Registration also provides the information we need to post your yard sale on our website.

Is the comprehensive zoning by-law new?
No. The by-law has been around since 1974.

What about the sign bylaw… we’re now banned from posting signs on poles?
The sign by-law prohibits signs from being attached to any municipal poles/posts/trees/garbage cans, etc. The sign bylaw is in place to enhance safety and cleanliness, reduce clutter, etc.

Will this increase work load and require new staff?
No. With compliance this will actually minimize staff time required to monitor yard sales and deal with all of the complaints received.

Does this type of by-law exist in other municipalities?
Yes. The comprehensive zoning by-law is a common by-law for most municipalities, and like Hanover, it is enforced on a complaint basis. This by-law regulates the use of land.

Free website advertising, so what?
Our website has great traffic! We’ve had 30,000 visits since January 1/16, just two and a half months! This week alone, the yard sales page had 3000 visits. So, we think, this is a bonus for you, free advertising and promotion of your yard sales! However, if you don’t want the free website advertising, we won’t include you on the list.

It rained! What happens to my date?
Don’t worry, if it rains and you cancel, this date will not be used towards your three dates. They only count when you have the sale.

If there are any other questions or inquiries, please give Ken Campbell, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer a call, 519.364.2780 x 1249. Thank you!