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Working together to build a strong community!

The Town of Hanover is committed to deliver professional enforcement services to help residents, businesses and visitors understand the various Town of Hanover regulatory by-laws, and encourage voluntary compliance through education and public relations in order to foster a safe, healthy and respectful community. This method also saves tax dollars on costly court proceedings. 

Some of the core operational functions of by-law enforcement include property standards, clean yards, zoning, animal control, fences, noise, open air burning, fireworks and parking matters.

By-law Enforcement responds to complaints from the public and other government agencies, however does not respond to civil issues. Once a complaint is received, an inspection is conducted by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer to validate the complaint. To assist you with the complaint process, violations are to be received by the Municipality in writing. For any incident that is happening right now or that has just occurred (e.g., littering or illegal dumping) or involving public safety or environmental hazards, please immediately contact Dispatch at 519.364.2411 to file a report. Information regarding the complainant is kept confidential, unless the complaint ends up in the court system.

Do you have a complaint?

Please contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer directly.

Animal Control

To report a missing or stray cat or dog please call the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer during normal office hours. To report a dog running at large that has been contained during evenings or on weekends, please call on-call personnel at 519.881.8061. 

Municipal Law Enforcement is not responsible for the removal of nuisance wildlife (ie, skunks, racoons).

Animal Welfare Concerns

For concerns about the welfare of animals in Ontario, please call:
1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625) - Ontario Animal Protection Call Centre

Call this number if an animal (i.e. pet, farm animal or wild animal in captivity) is in distress or being neglected. This includes animals that:
1. Are injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused
2. Lack proper care, water, food or shelter

Animal Control and Responsible Ownership

To prohibit and regulate the keeping of and being at large or trespassing of cats/dogs and for requiring the identification of such animals, and to prohibit the keeping of certain animals and classes of animals. All cats and dogs are required to be licenced and or registered. You can pick up your cat or dog tag at the Municipal Office. To report a missing or stray cat or dog please call the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer during normal office hours. To report a dog running at large that has been contained during evenings or on weekends, please call on-call personnel at 519.881.8061. Municipal Law Enforcement is not responsible for the removal of nuisance wildlife (ie, skunks, racoons).

Attention Dog Owners - Pursuant to the Town of Hanover "Animal Control and Responsible Ownership By-law" all Dog Owners MUST abide by “stoop and scoop” regulations!  In particular, this will be actively enforced within Hanover’s downtown core and open spaces such as parks and the rail land soccer fields, exclusive of the off-leash dog park. Charges will be laid for those found in contravention of the By-law.  Your co-operation complying with the Bylaw and keeping Hanover clean is appreciated!

Cat Tag Registration | Dog Tag Licence

Clean Yards 

To ensure that properties are maintained in a safe condition and kept clear of waste.


To regulate, erect and maintain fences.
A private outdoor in-ground swimming pool must be effectively fenced or enclosed in accordance with the Fence By-law. The Town of Hanover does not have a by-law regulating above-ground pools. The office recommends that persons purchasing above-ground pools should contact their insurance company, and if concerned with children entering subject property to erect a fence to enclose aforementioned pools.

Fires & Open-Air Burning

To prescribe times during which fires may be set in the open air and the precautions to be observed by persons setting fires, and for setting fees for fire permits. Fire Permits are available at the Municipal Office during office hours.  The cost for a fire permit $30.00 for the period of May 1st to September 30th or $50.00 for a full year.

Fire Permit Application


To prohibit and regulate the sale and discharge of fireworks.

Lawn Watering

The Town of Hanover's ODD/EVEN days rule applies on lawn watering. If your house number ends in an odd number, you can water your lawn on odd numbered days. If your house number ends in an even number, you can do so on even numbered days.


To prohibit and regulate noise likely to disturb the inhabitants of the Town.

Nuisance Wildlife

Municipal Law Enforcement is not responsible for the removal of nuisance wildlife (ie, skunks, racoons). This is the responsibility of the home owner. You may contact a private company if you wish to have the animal removed.

Just like humans who are diurnal (sometimes awake at night), animals who are opportunist scavengers are sometimes awake during the day. If you see a "nocturnal" animal out during the day do NOTHING! 

Animals with distemper may move slowly and may stumble as they walk. They lose their fear of humans and may become aggressive if cornered.

Do not interact with nuisance wildlife on or around your property.

Parking & Traffic Control

To regulate and control parking and traffic in the Town of Hanover.

Winter Parking

Parking & Traffic Control

To regulate and control parking and traffic in the Town.

Set Fines for Parking Violations & Snow Removal

The Town of Hanover Traffic By-Law has the following two sections under which violations will be enforced by Public Works and the Hanover Police Service:

  • It is an offence to park a vehicle on any roadway anytime when such vehicle will interfere with snow removal operations.
  • It is an offence to park a vehicle on any roadway between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. during the months of December, January, February and March regardless of snow accumulation.

Vehicles making it dangerous or impossible to clear snow may be tagged and/or towed. The fine for violation of either of these offences is $40.00.

Snow Plow Markers

Using snow plow markers are helpful to plow operators to delineate the sidewalk from your property, however, they are to be kept off the road allowance. Additionally, the Town Streets & Boulevards By-law No. 3218-22 prohibits the use of metal snow plow markers. Please ensure that you are only using a wood, plastic or fibreglass material of marker.


By Permit Only signCan I sit in the car in a disabled parking space with my Accessible Parking Permit (APP) visible while my family or friends go in the building for me?

  • No. The person with the disability MUST exit the vehicle if occupying a spot designated for the use of someone with a disability. If the person with the valid permit remains in the vehicle, then the passenger is considered to be using the permit for personal use when they exit the automobile. If the person with the disability does not exit the vehicle then there is no need to be occupying the accessible parking space.

Can I use my Accessible Parking Permit (APP) in an area signed as No Parking or No Stopping?

  • No. The APP does not allow parking in a restricted area such as No Parking / No Stopping or No Standing

Can my friends or family members use my permit when parking?

  • No. Only the person the permit has been issued to may use the permit to park in a Disability Access parking space. Use by another person can result in the permit being confiscated and fines up to $5,000.

Do permits expire?

  • Yes. All Ontario issued Accessible Parking Permits have an expiry date. Always check to make sure it is valid and not expired. Expired permits will result in the vehicle being considered illegal in an accessible parking space.

It's an Ontario issued permit, are the rules all the same in Ontario?

  • No. Each municipality honours the accessible parking permits independently. The only rule that is common is that the permit may be used in a designated accessible parking space. Other uses for the permits are decided in each municipality based on local needs or conditions.

What can I use my accessible parking permit for?

  • A valid Ontario accessible parking permit can be used by a person who was issued a permit in their name to occupy a parking space designated for those with a disability. These parking spaces are marked with a posted sign baring the universal disability sign as well as marked on the pavement.
  • Accessible parking permits are issued to the individual with the disability, the permit privileges are not transferable. The permit is not valid when displayed on a vehicle and the vehicle is not being used to pick up, drop off or transport the holder of the permit named therein. Persons who use an Accessible Parking Permit in the absence of the permit holder, may be charged under the Highway Traffic Act.
  • A current valid permit must be displayed and clearly visible on the vehicle’s sun visor or front dash, so the permit number and expiry date is clearly visible
    Accessible parking permits shall not be altered or defaced in any way. Photocopied or reproduced copies (by any means) are not valid. Persons using copied, altered or fraudulently obtained permits may be charged under the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Committing any of the above offences may result in your vehicle being ticketed and/or towed.

Parks and Public Places

To regulate the use of public parks and places.

Property Standards

To prescribe standards for the maintenance and occupancy of property within the Town.

Sewer Use

To regulate the use of public and private sewers and drains, private sewage disposal, the installation and connection of building sewers, and the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewer systems.


To regulate the erection and maintenance of signs, awnings, advertising devices, and marquee in the Town of Hanover.

no signs pleasePoles and Signs - If you are planning to use a sign to publicize any activity including yard sales, post it on a stake, not on any utility poles, posts, or traffic sign posts. In addition, the Town of Hanover Sign By-law prohibits the posting of signs on any municipal posts or poles. If you want to advertise your event, obtain permission from the property owner to post your signs on stakes.  If you require further information please contact Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Ken Campbell at 519.364.2780 x 249.

Taxi By-law

A by-law to licence, regulate and govern brokers, owners and drivers of taxicabs and other vehicles regularly used for hire for the conveyance of passengers in and about the Town of Hanover.

Use of Property (Zoning)

To regulate use of any land, or erect, alter or use any building, structure or part thereof except in conformity with the provisions of the Town of Hanover Zoning By-Law.

Streets & Boulevards

To regulate the streets and boulevards in the Town.

Deposit of Snow on Roadways and Sidewalks - Residents are reminded that the Town of Hanover Streets & Boulveards By-Law No.  3218-22 prohibits any person from depositing snow or ice on a roadway or sidewalk. The fine for violation of these offences is $200.00. This includes residents, businesses or contractors depositing snow from a driveway or parking lot during snow removal activities.

Thank you to the residents of the Town of Hanover for your understanding and continued support for making our streets safer through the winter season.