HIPP | Hanover's Innovative People Program



Town of Hanover Leverages Culture for an Economic Development Attraction & Retention Initiative

HIPP will promote Hanover’s assets and creativity to speak directly to people who are looking for change, opportunity or enhancement of their current lifestyle.

The Hanover Attraction & Retention Initiative strives to creatively engage youth, Hanover residents, young professionals and entrepreneurs by leveraging the Launch Pad Youth Centre, local cultural organizations, events, entertainment pairings and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The initiative aims to help the Town of Hanover reach the goals of several strategies, including those of the Economic Development Strategic Plan goals which include contributing to an environment that supports a thriving economy, enhancement of the quality of life for residents, while increasing community pride or social involvement.

The recently completed Cultural Plan also includes a desire to more effectively leverage both creativity and culture as a key driver of economic growth and innovation. Understanding this alignment, Hanover’s Innovative People Program (HIPP) was born to make these connections.


  • Increase and connect the cultural capacity of assets and organizations within the region,
  • Increase youth engagement and alignment with local business needs in relation to workforce development, and
  • Create and strengthen a retention and attraction program to increase the quantity of local business investment and human capital development


Partnership with Launch Pad to profile and build community apprenticeship opportunities and promote the process.

Match cultural assets to resident’s interests by developing a website that makes cultural connections.

Position the community as a fun, entertaining place to live promoting quality of life to attract new residents and workers to help fill jobs and the skills gap.

START UP SARAH Highlight business start up and expansion resources for entrepreneurs by leveraging the Community Improvement Program and other area resources to attract new creative thinkers, businesses and investments.


Stay tuned for more information as we roll-out this program!