Sign Permits


Picture of a sample Building Permit

The Building Department is responsible for issuing Sign Permits regulating permanent and portable signs and other advertising devices, and awnings or marquees which project over a street. Sign Permits ensure that sign structures within the Town of Hanover meet the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code, the Zoning By-Law and Sign By-Law for the Town of Hanover and other applicable legislation.

No temporary or permanent sign, announcement, advertisement, sandwich board sign, notice, portable sign, bicycle stand, vending machine, weigh scales, newsstand, dodgers, hand bill, or similar device for whatever purpose shall be permitted to project over or extend across or be placed upon any public highway, or in any manner be located on any curb, boulevard, sidewalk, tree, hydrant, lamp or utility pole, parking meter or bridge pier, or any other structure within the limits of any street within the Town of Hanover, without the written permission of the Town of Hanover.

You do not need a sign permit for:

  • signs or other advertising devices posted on the interior surface of any window or glass door in any building
  • any sign or other advertising device erected in the interior of any building
  • municipal addresses mounted on buildings or on free-standing signs on any lot
  • signs installed by the Town of Hanover for the control of traffic and parking; or for street names and direction
  • signs permitted by an Elections Act or municipal election signs
  • temporary signs placed by Funeral Directors for organized parking, before, during and after a funeral

How to apply for a sign permit

If required, the Ministry’s Standard Permit Application and the “Sign Permit” form may have to be accompanied by the following:

  • construction value for the sign
  • structural details of the sign and its installation
  • contractor’s/installer’s name and address, and
  • a site plan or an Ontario Land Surveyor’s plan of survey reflecting all buildings situate on the property and indicative of proposed sign installation

To obtain additional information or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, please contact the Building Department.