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November 08, 2019

Hanover Council endorsed the Town of Hanover’s revised Strategic Plan on October 21, 2019. 

The revised plan is modernized and more focused.  22 action plans have been identified within the Strategic Directions of Economic Development, Community, Environment and Sustainable Municipal Operations. Each action plan will require its own blueprint for ensuring the action is being thoughtfully considered and implemented. In most cases, the successful implementation of an action will be apparent with the introduction of a new policy, the completion of a plan, or the development of a new service, but there may be other unanticipated benefits to the community generated as well. We will continue to monitor progress and report to the community on a regular basis. 

Mayor Paterson and Council members wish to express their gratitude for those residents and staff who provided input and interest during the process.  We are also very grateful for the leadership, guidance and facilitation skills of Bill Winegard. Bill was amazed by the level and quality of our community interest and input.

The late great Yogi Berra once said, “If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.”  Hanover’s Strategic Plan will continue to be a valuable living document and the driving force behind Council’s priorities and Administration’s work plans for the next four years. 

Thanks again to each of you for your valued contribution.


Brian Tocheri, CAO/Clerk